The care of the Creator Mystery


The Creator Mystery shows –and we must be aware, in consciousness- of the care that it exercises in the bosom of the Universe, preserving that extraordinary phenomenon of life, and recreating itself in the different forms and modes, from the smallest and microscopic beings to the most complex beings.

When, in that range, humanity appears, it is easy –easy- to realize that oceans remain in their basins; rivers pass, and overflow or dry up; ants have their customs –and bees, sharks, whales-...; the vegetable kingdom becomes lush, generous…

It seems –and certainly it is true- that all living systems, thanks to which life of human occurs, were... mature!, conscious!, testimonial, faithful...

A flower does not turn against another of its own lineage. A flock is still looking for their identity in the group. A flock of birds establishes the strategy of looking like a great bird, and it does so thanks to the unity of small units.

 And so, by discovering the behaviour of the living, we realize the care of the Creator Mystery, that makes possible... the survival of a species like ours.

 Without those maturations, without those fidelities, without those offerings, without those… “servitudes” –in the most respectful sense of the word-, the being wouldn’t… would not be able to exist; neither from the creationist point of view, nor from the evolutionary point of view.

Everything seems to indicate that, thanks to these cares, the being that would arise would be... splendid! And perhaps –in case we want to introduce time- it was!, in that paradisiacal place that mythologies, religions, etc. talk about, or where we are going to go –those who are invited, of course- when the stay in this place passes by... If it concludes.

And here, from the point of view –undoubtedly- evolutionist and creationist, the being evolves or evolved, or at least a team of beings called "human" evolved. Perhaps another group evolved in another way –or other groups- as anthropologists, archaeologists are now showing us.

In any case, at this time and making a very fast review, it is easy to discover that, unlike bees, dogs, cats, crocodiles, oleanders, dinosaurs –ok!, they are gone- unlike all of them –from the abyssal beings of the depths, at 10,000 meters deep in the Mariana Trench, to the most intrepid volcanoes in which the lava boils-... unlike all of them, the human being is not... is not... mature.

Ok! Let's leave it that way, smooth.

Look at something very striking: "he does not serve any species."

He considers that neither servitude nor service is adequate.

Due to strange or mysterious circumstances, he names himself "the King of Creation". And those who were servants and servitudes, because he was the king, turned them into slaves!

He enslaved bacteria, viruses, helminths, flatworms, the coral reef... birds... –locking them in cages-...

Did you know that for almost fifty years –talking about birds-... did you know that, between North America and Canada –only in those spaces- in fifty years three billion birds have disappeared? Evidently it has not been a suicide holocaust, of birds. No. Pesticides, fungicides, land labelling, pollution...

Three billion! Only in Canada and the United States.

By equivalence –although the study is not done-, Europe, which is the great colonizer, must have more or less the same records. So we could say that, in fifty years, six billion birds have disappeared. Therefore it is possible, at this rate, that... it is fortunate to look up and see a bird flying.

Undoubtedly, that sample... –you do not have to be speculator, or populist, no- that sample gives us a sign –does it not?-... not only that we do not respect –respect?- life –not only that- but something else. That is…

It seems to be so abundant... Of course! As you can guess, before the lost of so many millions of all species –and curiously the most resistant are the most damaged, such as sparrows-... some species have improved, but the disaster is... devastating. This is without counting Africa, South America... And obviously, as we know, birds migrate.

Will the Coto de Doñana, a paradise for the transit of hundreds of species, be ever deserted of birds…?

It's an example. It is an example that, since it is not a chain... –without implying slavery- since it is not a chain of service to other species...

.- Ah! Ah! Is it not a service chain to other species? Ah! Then, between them –humans – they will serve splendidly!


.- Yes! If nobody else needs them...

 How heavy is this! So you leave, and they don't miss you? You leave, and the crocodile does not start crying –with all that has been said about the crocodile tears!-. You leave, and birds do not sing "Haendel’s Messiah" or whistle... or whistle to death, crying and despair. No.

And if we weren't here, the herbs would grow olympically –freely-! Wow! Olympic herbs! Not now! Now the herb trackers, the human herbivores, are in charge of burning, removing, putting, fixing...

It's like when we see an arranged garden. An arranged garden is scalded chervil. It is difficult to translate this from "a scaled chervil", but... well, I don't know: a leading role... "I'm going to make the round tree...; I'm going to cut the tips…; I'm going…”.

We also went through that here, once, for a while, until… someone said: “It's over! Let us... leave and serve the garden, as it wants to be.”

It would seem –as we have said- that then, feeling so free –because freer than that, "not to be required"-, so free!, and all at his service, you might expect that this species, communally, at least would be cool, cool, cool –three times cool. Or wow, wow, wow –three different dogs. O meow, meow, meow...

But... it wont be that. It will not.

Let's see how this example is interpreted. You see. There was an English character… 

That now it is fashionable, because it is the United Kingdom; remember that "country", as a country, does not exist: there are Wales, North Wales, South Wales, the…. I was going to say the Vikings and Indonesians, but no, the Irish... I mean, everyone has gathered there in United Kingdom. Yes. Without a doubt, the greatest domineering empire in history, in terms of influence.

Well there was –attention- a curious character. Yes, curious. That everyone has heard of him. There is even a movie of a part of his life. We refer to Sir Winston Churchill. Thus, to begin with, he was a weird character, from the human point of view. But!, but... speaking of species and speaking of humanity, it turns out that this caste...

 You know?, when Churchill visited India, he perfectly understood its condition. And he affirmed that, indeed, the English had invented the castes.

Yes. Because... –well, if you don't know, I’m telling you- there is a caste in England, as there are in all other countries, the aristocrats, the important ones... Well, that was Churchill's caste! Notice to what extent he used everyone else for his service, when there was a fly –we set the example of the fly because we have a lot of experience about it-, when there was a fly where he was sitting, attention!, he called a servant to kill the fly. I mean, he didn't grab the fly swatter. Never! And he was proud to know how to make a boiled egg. Although he never made it, but he saw how to boil an egg! We would say here, in Galician: "Manda carallo!".

But, but, but... But, but, but!... that caste..., to order a servant to come to kill...! Do you know He was imprisoned in South Africa, and managed to get permission from the prison to have a barber to shave him every day.

What a wily bird!, huh? Speaking of the birds!...

Of course, in addition to that, his customs towards the environment were absolutely personal and made everyone nervous. But he was a key character, no doubt, in World War II. He was the necessary character.

But let’s not lose the thread.

You see That privileged caste... –in this case the example is English, and in this case the example is Sir Winston Churchill- that privileged caste knew, it was aware that –let's say in the case of this man- the first, the only thing, the main thing, the absolute and the preponderant thing was to serve his community, thanks to all the services he received from it.

First, second, third and fourth: serve England, his country, with determination and with such –even if he lived a weird life, thanks to the service he gave them.

But there was an... absolute!, indisputable!, not negotiable!, priority.

That, if others –in this case, politicians- did the same. It was a priority! Like when someone really loves somebody: it is a priority. Not... "But does it exist...?". "No no no. There is nothing else than that. Well, there are more things, but it's a permanently… priority.”

And here comes the interpretation of this reference we make: would it be a priority, then, as a privileged species, that we have a fantastic sense… of coexistence, of relationship, of affection, of collaboration, of accomplishment!? It would be logical, would it not?

Yes, it would be logical. But is not.

And what system has established it...? –synthetically, ok?, without trying to include everyone-... but what system has then established the human species, that does not give absolute priority to its position –as a global species- as an exceptional caste?

 It has followed the criteria of prejudging, judging, condemning... and imposing a penalty.

That is the co-existential summary. Obviously all xenophobia, all racisms will be in the prejudice... by thought, word, doing, colour, balance, beauty, systems, religions... There are all kinds of prejudices!...

Judges... Ah! The great phenomenon of fear. Why is the judge scary? Or rather, it would be: Why does there have to be a judge? Who instituted the trial? A powerful person who felt superior to another, and the other did not know how to get rid of...

Something like that must have been. And so, little by little, each one became a judge.

 .- Each one?

.- Yes, yes. Each one. There are not only the judges that exist –they exist, right?- but there are seven billion three hundred and fifty-seven –and up- judges. Millions.

.- Seven billion?

.- Yes. And everyone, everyone on their area, prejudges, judges, condemns...

.- And is someone absolved?

.- Ohhhh! Well, ohhhh!... First he is condemned. First thing. And then, when he serves sentence: "Well, we'll see!"... Or he is the pardoned to scare him even more and to make him more slave: "Because thanks to me I have pardoned you. I have accepted you into my family. You have to be grateful to me.”

What a hypocritical species!

But we have that possibility offered by the Praying Sense, to make us see the course we have followed, thanks to the references of living systems that we use to live.

And instead, having all those references!, we do not take any. Fractions, at times, "resemble", but we do not take any!... but each one, in its lineage and moment, demands its laws and its norms. And prejudges, and stands as judge. And of course: “If you don't do what I want, you will be judged. And, of course, doomed. Doomed to my silence, doomed to my lack of collaboration, doomed to punish you, doomed to scare you”…

 Fear, fear, fear, fear is there fluttering.

"Ah! You do this...” But the pre-judge –the pre-judge, the prejudice- warns you: "But you'll see, you'll see...!".

Is there greater fear than threat?

"Ah! Keep it up, but you'll see...".

Has Creation ever done that to us?

.- Yes, now you're happy, but you'll see when... when you have to cry! You will see!…".

.- But let me be happy for a while!

.- No, you'll see! That passes, that passes!... Now you surf, but when you can't surf, what? What will happen with your life? If you are not a surfer, what will become of your life?

.- Man!, there are more things.

.- Ok! But think about it, when you fall off the board.

 Fuck! Man! But that is what they tell you from above, below... And it doesn't matter whether you are a surfer, a carpenter, a cabinetmaker, a plumber...

“You'll see when a pipe bursts in your face! Alas ... It will destroy you. You'll see!... What a bad profession you have! Oh!... Doctor, doctor? Look out! Touch wood! You will be a drug addict. You'll see, you'll see, you'll see... You'll see when you like wine, you'll be an alcoholic. You'll see, you'll see, you'll see, you'll see”.

And so, "you'll see, you'll see, you'll see," key with key, with key with key, then padlock with padlock. The constant threat. Permanent. The judge, prejudge. And fear, of course! They threaten you so much and warn you so much!, that you finally say: “maybe they are right? Let's see if it's going to be true?”… And of course, while you watch, you stop watching. And when you stop seeing, you don't move, and you do what others say.

"Others" can be: friends, father, mother, brother, uncles, nephews, neighbours...

.- And you, what are you going to do?

.- Me?, whatever they tell me.

.- Who?

.- I don't know, the one who commands me the most. 

.- It does not seem that…? –in conclusion-. Doesn't it seem that this species is a bit beardless, compared to...? I mean, don't you get the feeling that it's a bit... unstable?

.- "Unstable."

.- Yes... Narcissist?

.- Narcissist.

.- Arrogant...?

.- A...arrogant.

.- Ignorant...?

.- Noooo! We are sapiens-sapiens!

 And it is curious: we base our advice and our ways of intimidation, on the old forms of slavery. It's curious! Except for few examples, those who intimidate you, threaten you, augur you, are based on what happened, terrible and hard. Nothing new is brought!

"No. It is already known that this happens like this. You know…”

But we are here for designs of Creation to happen, through us. We are not here to repeat the same canteen song, regretful.


What if, under the sense of no intimidation, and if under the sense of solidarity, and if under the sense without prejudice of not feeling superior, and if under the sense of not judging –and what is known is shared, and combined-, and if under the sense of "no condemn", and if one knows how to appreciate the value of each being and knows how to see its virtues, without criticism and in the point of view, and one knows how not to condemn... not to condemn any information!, no formation, but to know how to amplify our perceptual sense, and knowing how to evaluate what we are offered!; knowing how to appreciate what we are able to show, discover, learn...; otherwise is the pain that cries out for not having succeeded or achieved this or that…; if that is not, but, on the contrary, is to adapt, adapt and provide... suggestions, ideas, projects!... all aimed towards another humanity, in a School of Life...?

And if it turns out that it is up to us to contribute that drop?... The drop without prejudices, without judgments, without punishment, without penalties... and, consequently, with coexistence, with adaptations, with solidarity, with sympathies, with empathy, with... with the joy of discovering, with the joy of contributing.

And if as a human community –and all humanity is a community- but as a sample of human community, in this manifested time, we assume this Prayer Sense as a reference of spirituality, as a “souled” reference…? 

And can we, therefore, evolve... and review what is virtuously given, thanks to the gifts of each one...?

It's possible.

It's possible.





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