The Praying Sense has in its assumptions to be under the confidence, under the full consciousness of the Creator Mystery, as the fundamental sprout from which the certainty of living emanates, the awareness of being cared for, the evidence of being loved. Not being judged or punished.

And, as a result of these minimums –minimum!- references, the dissolution of fear. If we scare fear with... the certainty of our faith, trust, credibility, fear is very coward: it runs away!, it disappears and dissolves in the ashes.

Most likely, most probably fear of the species is followed by the belief that Creation punishes.

Perhaps since the dawn of... earthquakes, volcanoes, rains, droughts... all that was not understood or interpreted, but that hurt, it was creating the consciousness of sinners, of transgressors. And consequently, fear of being punished... for something or for uncontrolled and unknown forces.

And if "something", within the belief, is evident, it is condescension, goodness, and the infinite generosity that life gives us, as an expression of the Creator Mystery.

If it had been punisher, persecutor, against its own creatures!, long ago the species would not exist.

But... but the slab of punishment... that gestates fear, was transmitted as a way of insecurity, while the awareness of knowing, believing, understanding, interpreting grew... But that knowing, believing, interpreting reason and sometimes spectacular achievements... no... didn’t... it did not erase, it did not dissolve that capital fear of feelings, emotions, affections...; that linked to... the Loving Love of Creation, because of the disturbances that the being made and does in his life, has not been modified.

It may be that "in appearance", but... Look at, our neighbour country –Italy- is in a state of panic! –in panic!-, due to this strange contagion. It is assumed that knowledge, understanding, comprehension the... No, no, no. "Panic". One of the maximum expressions of fear.

And from that point on, racism, isolationism... quarantines, which remind us of the history of cholera. Those stories that were read as something past. The plague!

And reading those stories, human being felt overcome and freed from those filthy past! But lo and behold, the ghost revives, and does so with unusual impressiveness.

When the Immunodeficiency Syndrome is almost forgotten, that plague that appeared like that, in the 80's, and that caused and continues to cause damage... but it is already becoming chronically incorporated. But the fright and fear was great. What happens is that memory is excessively fragile.

Previously, in these lands we experienced rapeseed oil poisoning, and fear and terror were... difficult to control. In between, SARS –acute respiratory failure syndrome- made its appearance as... testing: "Let's see, testing...". And wherever you went you had to prove –sic- that you had no fever and that you had a mask. It left an aftermath... let's say "sweet", of barely eight hundred dead –for that cause?- and then... well, it was forgotten.

And now we are visited by relative of that cause, with spectacular figures that, if they are really observed, they are not so spectacular, but “exploitable” enough to create panic.

It is curious: if we look at the progressive and increasing figures of Alzheimer's disease, there is no panic. As it comes little by little and, so in the end, you have to forget about things, well look, it is a good, nice euthanasia method, not cheap, but of easy isolation: you isolate them, you lock them up and that's it.

How many human beings die as a result of hunger and thirst? How many? How many millions? Around a billion who have not enough infrastructures to reach the modest average age of 50 years, and even before they get deteriorated and die of infectious diseases as a result of hunger... and contaminated water.

Ah! But that... –ah!, of course!- that has been produced by the human lifestyle and, consequently –not that it is good-, but... but it is an inevitable consequence of the process of human progress.

Recently, a famous oncologist told us that, out of every three people, one would contract a tumour throughout its life, and he explained that it was a consequence of evolution and human progress, and it was the price that had to be paid.

In other words, we can say that the sensitivity in the consciousness of fear, when it is produced by the direct action of human participation, is understandable, acceptable, adaptable and chronifiable. On the other hand, when there is no certainty about "something", as in the present case, but everything is conjecture –and we will have to resort to high mathematics to solve it- then the panic becomes evident.

It's like saying –in the style of the beginning of this prayer- that fear is there. And when it is not a damage caused by our way of living, of burning, using, throwing, consuming... etc., when we do not find such a cause, but rather it is lost in possibilities without certainties, then that ancestral fear appears. And the structures weaken, our systems of relationship with the environment are impoverished, and it is the breeding ground for any deterioration.

The saying of "when your neighbour’s house is on fire, yours is likewise in danger", it is interesting to remember and relate it to this prayer warning.

The prayer one, although fire and battle is around him, knows that our help is the Name, that our help is... the Creator Mystery.

That is the remedy, that is the cure, that is... the way of relief. And not the madness that we are punished, or the imposture of accusing, accusing, persecuting and...

As when it was in vogue –it hasn't disappeared yet- but like when it was in vogue Islamic terror. It was a clear reason that it was due to some believers. But nobody remembered Hiroshima and Nagasaki!, or the flying jails, or Guantanamo, or anything! But Muslim was the global culprit. Now we have changed nationality. Now, everything relates to the Chinese is crowned responsible, guilty!

 And that is how in the capital of this Kingdom –which is indeed of this world- restaurants, shops, etc., of oriental origin, are closed; they have closed, they have... not closed down, but they have excluded themselves, and people have stopped going to them... How long will it last?

This prayerful warning places us before those ancestral fears... inappropriate of our nature; before these accusations typical of our despair; before those latent ghosts that seem always present, that even in the best moments they beat there in the distance, with fear “that”… with fear “of”…; beatings –yes- of insecurities, distrust, jealousy, suspicions, prejudices...

There is so much to –at least- touch up!, that at the speed the species is going, there is not much time to repair it.

In addition to warning us, the Prayer sense demands us, by our origin, calmness, serenity, knowing how to appreciate the enjoyment of what is lived, the joy towards what is achieved...; the "memory" of what has been achieved, of what is lived, of what has been lived.

And before letting us drag through the cloud of information –no doubt, manipulated!- with specific interests... and self-lithic, unknown...

Because, it is suspicious… –and it will have some complex explanation- but, it is suspicious, at least, that the president of the Popular Republic of China yesterday said that the country faces the worst tragedy since 1947: the establishment of the coming to power of the Great March and the achievement of the Revolution, which was a terrible upheaval throughout the country.

And the question is very obvious: And you are telling me that what is happening now is as serious, as moving as... in 1947? Sorry, if the figures don’t, no...

.- But the figures you are giving are 2300-2500 people dead and 70,000 infected.

.- True.

.- In a population of 1400 million. True?

.- True.

.- Is it a reason for panic? Could we find... –inquisitorial question- could we find any other disease that caused that number of deaths?

.- Yes.

.- Ah!... But it does not cause panic and...


.- Then, there are reasons to think that some kind of…

.- Yes.

-. And all this responds to a worldwide manoeuvre.

.- Yes.

.-That it is looking for...

.- Yes!

.- Ok!...

Consequently, we can reach the... no conclusion, but a warning, that in front, behind, to the right and to the left there is voluntary human intervention. That it has not been a... wow!...

Do you remember when all the cows went mad? And to the astonishment and the emptying of butchers and... –of course, maybe you don't remember-, they decided that cows were no longer mad; that all the mad ones had been killed. Killed! Yes. And they finished with all the crazy English –cows- and then, everybody happy.

.-Ok, but... there were also mad cows in Spain and in Greece and in Italy.

.- Well !, but they were "relatively"…mad.

Can we remember –if we are allowed- that the discoverer of this prion disease, Mr. Prusiner, warned that these prions were very... how would we say?, u!, impossible to eliminate: neither by boiling, nor burying them, nor … No!, and that they could easily enter the food chain? Water, for example. Just as he was declared almost mad when he first talked about prions, and he ended up awarded the Nobel Prize, because it seems that prions were there indeed.

Who was not afraid –after having eaten a sirloin of vulture or any other animal- to go crazy?

Has the disease disappeared..., commonly called "mad cow disease"? No. But it is assimilated, assumed, consumed.

It seems that the human species has a tremendous guilty conscience; and an accusation conscience and of... irresponsible attitude. Because, knowing the damages produced –which occur daily-, it insists on it.

This brief memory of relatively recent or very recent events should help us eliminate the fearful and infectious threats. And it must be a reason to take advantage of –when the house in on fire- that each and every one be placed!... in emotions, in affections, in loves, fundamentally!, because that references us with the Creator. And that allows us to trust our possibility, and brings us closer to solidarity, not to separate and lock ourselves up in ghettos so as not to infect us.

It is so easy, in this species, to threaten, threaten us, scare us... that it is already a common practice.

Instead of approaching, showing solidarity, helping each other, taking care of each other... a sense of elusive, furious emotional dissidence appears...

And our help is!... the prayer call, that prayerful call that places us in the proper reference: the one that enables us the consciousness of living, of feeling-us, of appreciating-us, of approaching-us, of loving-us.

Be merciful!



Bønnen som vi praktiserer er ikke forbundet til noen bestemt religion. Vi tror at bønnen kan være et frigjørende og helbredende instrument som har Skapelsen, de forskjellige kreftene som besjeler oss, uten at vi setter et eller annet navn på dette. Troen på at bønnen er et uunnværlig element for oss, har fått oss til å danne et sted som utelukkende brukes til bønn; ”Casa del Sonido de la Luz”,( huset for lysets lyd.) Det ligger i Baskerland, Vizcaya. Der holdes det samlinger med bønn, og man kan også tilbringe dager med tilbaketrekning der.


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