"Let there be light"


Given the conditions of the lifestyles that the species has been developing, the experience of living becomes all to often... in a heavy!... burden. Or, sometimes, in a very light burden... at the expense of increase the weight in others.

It has been loading of domains, controls, impositions, defence, attacks…; It has been loaded with envy, jealousy and despair. And at the same time it seeks to unload itself through impositions, obligations and manipulations, towards others.

 And so the idea is generalized that lifetime experience is a great burden. To live is to be loaded... and loaded...

 From the experience of life, a hard and unbearable burden is made.

This carries with it -as we can see- sorrows, manias, distress, anxieties and despair, forcing and seeking... to alleviate the conception of the burden.

Living becomes painful and worryingly dangerous.

It becomes a habit, that style. And with it... any event is dragged, since, in many moments, to stop living is a relief.

This is how the being thinks… and this is how the environment feels; or this how the environment "hurts" -according to circumstances-.

The living beings of the environment, outside to humans, do not manifest those attitudes, except those that are domesticated in some way: animals or vegetables; even minerals.

And behold the outbreak of life is an extraordinary event, unusual, unique! At least, in the stellar surroundings that we more or less know.

And that outbreak is done without burden. It is done with gifts, with resources, with means, with capacities...

But soon... the being of humanity discovers that it can increase its resources and its means, bending, controlling, dominating... others. And, above all!, to other human beings.

And so the war of wars is being established: those that do not truly contemplate, coexistence, as a vital, creative resource… and of countless resources, but soon, in its group -bigger or smaller- dispute, competition, domain, manipulation are established...

From the vital point of view, it is... dishonest! It is unworthy!...

But... as it is a general habit to distort relationships, interpretations, and then to tension, to discussion, to... to war! It is war. No need to review it again.

It is as if the being had been impregnated with a strange tendency, due to some mysterious elixir or some strange curse. Because, even seeing that he is destroying himself, he is content with the slightest triumph... knowing that he will be prey to another predator.

A whole evolved brain, full of resources, of neurotransmitters: dopamine, acetylcholine... -puf!, what a waste!-  to end up in discussion, disagreement, in "I stop speaking or greeting you". Disgusting!

So all those convolutions, all that development of everything, all that brain folding, all that... all that literature, all that..., what is all this: merde?

Was the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, Modernism, Existentialism worth anything… or only "stupidity" triumphs?

Yes. Today's Praying Message refers to that... "habit", of the long face that this one puts because things do not work, the bad temper the other gets because he does not like that...

Ladies and gentlemen of lineage, without blue blood!...

As soon as the being -in a moment of lucidity, of course!- realizes what life is about, he can be aware that there must or should have been something -something, something!- that is there and that... and it is there, ok? Not to appeal to words that, although they are beautiful, they are already trite and... ¡bah!, they rattles it off .

It's there, it's here... that miracle, that moment of... "let there be light -and it was done-".

And it is... continuously...

And man, in his vanity, does not see it; does not feel it!...

He tries to produce his own light generators, withered, that soon abandon him or compete...

Ay!... And in another moment of lucidity!... -"and let there be light", and it was done– and in another moment of lucidity, you can perceive that... there is nothing to spare!; that every part of anything is... connected, is contacted -and it is not a coincidence- by a Mysterious... situation!

The very... infinite and small parts attract themselves. And at the same time, they identify themselves! Simultaneously.

But the daily human behaviour does not see it... even having it so close! So deep inside!

And if it is observed… a little bit, at the end of that luminous moment -"and let there be light", and it was made-... what we reach to think!, structurally ... is that all that called "life", gestated with each part that is presented... and with each one that is needed... and with each one that is attracted..., we call it "affection", we call it "love", we call it... "emotion", "admiration"... but then, those words are quickly! fought... except! –of course- that it benefits someone.

It has reached a point where the 'unbearable' other's affection, other´s laughter or other´s, humour, becomes an enemy.

Such is the level of possession of truths that it really is devastating.

"And let there be light!", and the light was made.

"And he saw that it was good."

But quickly!, the human –sic- culture... established what was good for one was bad for another.

Again war...; fear…;  escape…

It seems that each one follows "faithfully" their selfishness and their personal interests, disconnected from all connections that inevitably are.

"It seems"... More than "it seems", this is the case.

And, by behaving this way, the being becomes tense, he becomes entangled...; he repeats himself…; he abandons himself. Or make shouts of arrogance, trying to blackmail... or trying to provoke pity!

"All dishonour."

Oh yeah! Maybe honour no longer .. It's an old word.

And that mysterious net, that strange fabric that keeps weaving... from "Eternities"... Something that does not fit in our heads, but we say as something unattainable. But there is no reason to achieve it.

It arrives...

Without it ... there is no life.

And that calls us, summons us, alerts us, encourages us!, discovers us!...

Do not supplant the light. Feel with it. And, in it, establish the alliance of living without regret!, of the liberating life that is gestated in the commitment of... the respect for being, the admiration for what surrounds us, the thanks for what they give us.




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