They call us... towards Eternity.

And towards it they call us, with the exercise of neatness, the testimony of clarity and sincere intention of solidarity.

They call us... towards immortality. And with it we are necessarily seasoned with unconditional dedication, with testimonial fidelity, with permanent admiration.

They call us to Love. And with it they show us the image of the Ocean of Love... full of life, balance, harmony, unforeseen events...

They suggest to us a love without... backing down, with fulfilment of promises, with reserves for difficulties.

With disposition towards "adventure", like the sailor...

We are called to do. And they ask us to do it impeccably, dedicated and neat; with the consistency that what has been done will continue unhindered, even if it needs to be reviewed.

We are being called towards exceptionality!... And especially now, when extinction is on the horizon, when deterioration is evident, when the same proposals are being repeated...

We are called to exceptionality, for renewed creativity. For a permanent application of... details.

Exceptionality does not allow imitations. And it is innately in each being, since each one brings a message, a code, a project of doing.

And at the right moment that call will appear. To know how to distinguish it and... not to be intimidated, not to disavow oneself, to assume the greatness of the exceptional, without a special main role, but with the Faith!... and the constant Hope! that the Creator Mystery assists us. It does not want for us a vulgar presence!

The evolution of the species calls for exceptionalities.

Living calls us... It calls us to live, with the songs of... humour, spirit!, and transparency; and to feel sublimely ignorant, but capable of admiring ourselves, of recognising ourselves in new paths...

We are called to live "singularly"... so that we may be mutually admired and to be admired, and establish a coexistence of admiration, respect, fantasy...; of permanent emotions.

We are called to help... -in that living- to help the needy! To what precisely... or what precisely we are designed to do.

And here we must contribute our presence, our wisdom, our sensitivity, our understanding.

We are called to balance and harmony, so that our actions do not collaterally harm anyone or anything. Let us be diverse, yes, but not combative.

We are called to be creative, yes, to put that "detail" into our daily actions: from the "good morning" to "good night". A waking pass that has a clear and transparent smile, an answer without "buts", a growing spirit and an absent complaint.

They call us to Fidelity of what has been Revealed!, of what they reveal to us; of what they reveal to each one of us, through our passing, so that we may be faithful devotees of that revelation... and fulfil with the gifts they have given us.

And, of course, yes, when they call us... it's normal...

Terrible word. Yes, terrible, because life doesn't admit that word: "normal". What is "normal"? It is the terrible word that human beings have invented to objectify, to dominate, to control, to manage, to manipulate. And once he has done all that, what he has achieved is "normal".

Life is not a "normal" event. Even from our ignorance in this part of the Universe, we realise that it is an exceptional, extraordinary event! How can we make it ordinary and vulgar... and "normal"!?

We are called to be..., with the prudence and enthusiasm! of the "available" disposition.

And in this Eternity, we are disposed "ad infinitum!". Yes, it may sound very fanciful or grandiose, but we are in a grandiose Universe! We live in an incredible place!! But the human being is determined to control, dominate and possess it... and to secure his plot! And in the Infinite, there are no plots! In the Infinite there are no houses or land! There is a disposition for the journey, for the trance, for the ecstasy!

That is why the Prayer calls us to: to abandon all "normality"... and to be the exceptionality. And to be aware about it, not in front of the environment, no;, but in front ourselves in relation to the Eternal!

They call us towards understanding, flexibility, condescension... Characteristics of life that knows how to adapt without renunciation; to learn with courage to offer always! -and the word suits, for the infinite that it implies- the best. What we feel is the most virtuous of our structure, of our gifts. It will be the smile, it will be the gaze, it will be the singing, it will be the skill, it will be the handicraft, it will be...

Any point is... fundamental.

Don't we need perhaps all of them...?

Don't we need infinite details in order to... feel full, healthy!!? And not, as usual, aching, uncomfortable, pained, worried...

The "normal".

The human being is not a normal entity! He is an extraordinary entity.

And this doesn't mean that he is... kind, generous, vital. No. But it means that he should aim to it because he is designed for it.

To be aware of the exceptionality that each one represents in relation to others. Not as better or worse, but as different. That is creative!... That is exercising!... That encourages us to new and different actions.

Yes, the Prayerful Call makes these considerations, because the being is walking towards a new slavery. A slavery of taxes, laws, rules, customs... horror! Production, consumption, income... horror!

The new slavery: working to pay...; producing to achieve...

And the worst thing:  that the being assumes it as "normal". That it doesn't even have the internal rebellion! That which assumes the situation, but does not share it. That which sees itself as a slave, but aspires to free itself.

And no! Custom becomes the law -oh, the law!, the law!-… They even dare to call it "laws of life". What law does life have? Where is it? Who wrote it? That scribe...? That ruler...? That philosopher, that sage, that mystic... wrote the law? If so... it is unpresentable. Life doesn't need laws. In fact, it doesn't have them. It has rhythms, frequencies, adaptations, changes, evolutions... And as soon as we see, and as soon as we do, we can observe it.

I can stay an eternity in one place, and be eternally changeable.

May nothing and no one silence my libertarian voices. Those who know how to commit themselves without fear. The ones that assume their own course, with hope. That rhythmology of hope that waits, that follows, that continues, that longs, that sighs... in Faith!, in the knowledge of being illuminated! -yes, illuminated-... by the Creative Mystery. And knowing and discovering oneself when we hide!... from that illumination -as Paradise reminds us, when it takes the forbidden fruit and the being hides itself-.

This is the way Humanity has been going on up to now: hiding itself from illumination; from the illumination that is daily given to it by the Dawn.

And it hides under the pretext of fear. No! The Creator Mystery does not instil fear! It was the supplanters who created the figure of the "God" who punishes and persecutes us...

That is not the Creator Mystery. That is an idol of clay... that falls apart with the first rains.

To notice... continually notice that they enlighten us. It's just like at dawn! Why do you think the light comes!...?: to enlighten us.

But not only to give us the light so that we can see. No. So that we can visualise something more than seeing.

And the being hides itself by taking advantage of the ability of its intelligence. And it builds its anthill of repetitions!

And reaping failures in the dark, while they continue to illuminate him so that he does not reap failures, but accumulates -without possessing- luminaries, lights of abilities, of imaginations, of new poems that clarify the feeling!

And to realise... –oh!-... and to realise -and it is so easy, but it is so forgetful...- and to realise that, in the "security", in searching for accommodation, comfort, wellbeing and normality... to realise -and I insist, it is not difficult to realise- that moments of idleness, tiredness, boredom appear!....

Should they be? Or are they products of a misguided... grey... opaque... passage?

We are called to pray daily to embrace ourselves with the light...; to become conscious luminaries.

And the light is clear. The light clarifies us. And we must be clear! We must show ourselves to be clear!

Trust we must generate... Enough, at least, for a minimum of fidelity.

Yes, we are called to pray for enlightenment. We are called to pray so that... we discover what is there, waiting for us to see it. But we have to have the attitude and the disposition, the abandonment of fundamentalism...; that fundamentalism that narrows, that closes, that anguishes, that judges!...

They call us to pray from the "endless"...

To make us feel infinite.

So that we do not decay in our virtuous positions.

So that we may be representations, in realisations, of the Eternal.

So that we may continue, sheltered by the surprises that the light of each day presents us with.

That is our Help!

And when we feel it, we stop trusting in our intellect, in our reason, in our whim, in our desire... and we open ourselves to the clarities that Creation offers us permanently.

Our Help is "the Name". Our Help is that Creative Mystery.

When we substitute it, erase it, set it aside, and make our help our reason, our want... we enter into negligence; we enter into slavery.

They call us to meditate on our daily actions.

They call us to contemplate our actions and the actions of our surroundings.

They call us to discover... our true attractions: those that are unforeseen; those that catch us by surprise; those that enlighten us... and give us a new breath of life!

They call us not to fear.

To enable us to overcome difficulties; the new situations.

Do not supplant this Call with the call of taxes, the call of work, the call of the site, the call of the place!... No.

Listen to the Call.

Listen!... to the cry with which we are enlightened every day... to a Higher Goodness!

To feel ourselves humble servers...

But chosen servers! Yes. Chosen by Creation.

And therefore, unique and exceptional. And necessary!... to wield new dimensions that, today, can move us away from increased slavery.

We are life of liberation; not life of freedoms: those that they give you and take away from you... others like you.

If my Help is “the Name”, my securities are useless. "They don't work."

They will be an accumulation of setbacks, of worries. And there will be no air for the light to shine through.

Hear the call of the light!




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