The Praying Call calls us to redesign our attitude, position and style.

"Attitude, position and style."

The attitude one has before daily coexistence living. The corresponding position according to qualities, capabilities, needs. And the style: that style that allows us to be in the vibration of beauty, in the vibration of the amplified, in the vibration of the loved.

And this Praying Call in that sense constitutes an instant, an instant of CONVERSION. Yes, a conversion that makes us to have other versions-visions of what happened, of what happens, and we place ourselves under another dynamic.

The species, in its dominant and conquering, colonial and manipulative group was in a position that culminated its capacity for control. And lo here is the dominant style of living –I insist- colonial, imposing, manipulative… but which is the one that beats the rhythm and marks the sequences of the species in a generic, general way -by saying now, “globally”-… well, that style, that way, under circumstances yet to be clarified, introduced variables –variables of coexistence, psyche, animism, economy, sociability-… variables that resulted in an evident and verifiable obedience.

So it is, that they defined it as “New Normality”.

We are not talking about Maria, Antonio, José… No. We are talking about the species, the part of the dominant species... that, in its eagerness to dominate its own species, because it is the most aggressive, the most violent, the one with the greatest capacity for conquest and manipulation... well, all of this is put at the service of this "new normality".

Most of that spectrum that is under the sphere of the globalized, responds obediently. We repeat.

This shows that the measures that have been developed as a consequence of the evolution of the lifestyle of the species have resulted in: greater control, manipulation and performance of the species and, consequently, of everything that surrounds it: religions, economies, psychologies, coexistence, customs…

The Praying Sense does not obey the slogans of humanity, but is an expression of the designs of the Creator Mystery.

It does not yield; it can’t be defeated and does not give up. And with the complaisance of its Love… it calls to clarify the new situations, so that the person at prayer positions himself... has an attitude... and develops a style.

The attitude of the person at prayer, according to the call of prayer, must be one of full confidence in life. "Full confidence in living". And living supposes assuming life as an event that has resources, means, and capabilities to remain.

This is what the evolution of the species has showed us.

In addition to our structural, functional, biological and environmental capacities, with more than enough resources to remain, we also have the resources that the species itself has developed to better adapt, make its activity more profitable, improve the level of freedom, coexistence, etc.

All this has made possible the evidence that the species, in its permanence, expands its presence... and positions itself before vitality -or life itself- as something UNLIMITED.

This situation enables us, enables the person praying -from the point of view of his teaching, from the point of view of his environment or his position as a healing intermediary-, enables him, I insist, to know... and to have full confidence in what there is, in what we are.

A path towards a conversion, not towards a "new human normality". A conversion that frees us from the yoke of consumption, mistreatment, separation, prejudice, judgment, and punishment.

Thus, with that attitude, our position is one of understanding what is going on. Not confronting what is imposed. A liberating intention converses in everything that is done, under the reference of the Creator Mystery.

Thus, our presence can be a reference under other parameters: "conversed", because they become versions that are referenced in Creation, not in the powers that the species has gestated. It takes them into account. It does not confront them.

And so a style is established, a way of relating, in which -I insist- without entering into conflict, one is capable of versioning -giving the version-... versioning what happens under the reference of The Divine, with a point of view in which each one feels identified. And we can illuminate, with other lights, the situations of blind obedience, of fear, of despair.

That converting style, that conversion under the reference of the Unnameable, qualifies us towards creative attitudes, of creativization, of... developing resources and positioning, without confronting, another perspective. A perspective that is not attackable!, that can create curiosity or suspicion or astonishment... but that does not endanger the hegemony of power. Nor is it its aim! The objective is marked by that permanent conversion, that reference in the Creative Mystery.

It is not a combat to live in prayer, it is a permanent conversion, and especially today, in this time when it is necessary to deal with the most evident impudence that power shows. In all its facets.

Without a doubt, neither approaches nor rethinking, this conversion involves an EFFORT… in that attitude, in that being, in that style; an effort to get out of the orb of "gravity" of what it tries to control, dominate, manipulate, enslave.

And the effort is given by all the style lived before: affluent... consumer… violent... winner... competitive... racist...

So, if we want to get out of that toxic cloud imposed by the "new normal", we must position ourselves with the attitude and style of conversion. And that needs an effort. That is what the Prayer Call tells us. Without that effort, we fall into the gravitational orbit of what is imposed. And we will fall into the easy applause of power -towards it - having lost our attitude, our position and our style, and having submitted to the commands of the arrogant.

And it is not difficult to see that this effort that the Prayer Call transmits to us today is not something new or different. No! It tells us so constantly. But it happens that today it calls on us, because our identity as a Universe, our disposition as servants, our training as intermediaries, is in danger, so to speak.

And to the extent that we deepen in ourselves... -"to the extent that we deepen in ourselves"-, we will find the help, the care... and the evident perception of our reference: of the Eternal, of the Creator. And this will allow us to be creative, to show new perspectives... that do not disconnect from what is happening, but that version, see situations differently!

Praying ones are not legion. That is to say, it is not an effort in which majorities participate, no. They are efforts of "minorities", who are those who, throughout the study of evolution, have demonstrated their capacity to change the whole, to modify trends, to open up new spaces.

So base that conversion on QUALITIES, not on quantities. And that quality of effort, which comes from our nature and is maintained and entertained by the Creator Mystery, makes that effort a complaisance, an attitude of... knowing oneself in a position and in a style that corresponds to what we intuit the Creator Mystery shows us through Prayer.

The importance of detail, the cultivation of affection, perseverance in commitment, fidelity to ideals, the fulfilment of promises... all this, and more, constitutes the exercise of effort. And, in turn, its complaisance experience.

And we endorse ourselves prayerfully, vibrating in that liberating effort of that alchemy of conversion.



The prayer we practice does not belong to any religion. We believe prayer can be a liberating and healing instrument. It is referenced in Creation and, without naming them, in the different Forces that animate us. Our belief that prayer is an essential element, led us to create a space dedicated exclusively to prayer: “The House of the Sound of Light” located in a farmhouse in the Basque Country, in the province of Vizcaya. There, prayer encounters and retreats are held.


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