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It is not known when the beginning was. Because there isn't! Because there is no beginning, as a start. In Eternity, time is diluted... as seawater does when it reaches the shore.

But it is true that the manifestations of that Eternity... appear evident to our consciences, slightly developed, at precise moments, although we cannot know this precision. But it is "causal," while our timid consciousness considers it "casual."

And so, when counting the steps of each walk, the being goes with the memory... the memory of the Eternal!, but that has been vitally closed, leaving a wake of which time… will be in charge of!

And under that time, the manifestations -and with that memory-... memories are made.

Ah!... Memories!

But the treacherous dagger of time is able to dissect the memories, and remains that scent of… something that happened!

Today, the Prayer Sense reminds us... that it was not something that happened! Something that happened..."manifested” memory." That it was not something that was left there, and that is remembered as something... "Well...!”.

 No. Something that was manifested and passed... step-by-step, defying time!... Making, from each present, a living action of manifestation. Innovating! Renewing! Clearing up! Discovering!

That the idea did not remain in a simple anecdote... loaded with withered flowers, but rather an Eternal Today, of Forever... loaded with unforgettable perfumes.

And so, the Prayer Sense in TIAN becomes a constant renewal. It becomes a guide, lookout, lighthouse, star, galaxy or... or the generous darkness that allows us to light the match.

When Creation expresses itself, it manifests itself without antecedents, a new dawn, a new Universe... appears. And, as a "Creative Grace", it develops and shows itself. And beings come to this manifestation, with curiosity, with caution, with suspicions, with doubts!, with insecurities, with thousands of questions to see how to compare that new Universe.

“Why is it not like the old one: the one of my customs, of my…? And it turns out that this is not mine. And it turns out that this Universe is service!”.

It is, when all the senses wake up, astonishment! And beings... they get scared sometimes! Others they leave... And others remain, curious, babbling, commenting, gossiping...

Unintentionally!, trying to think that what they see is not true, that what happens is not true, that there must be some trap! That somewhere and at some point the error, the fraud!, will be discovered...


Even though the evidences of each moment are signs of a Complaisant Eternity, even so, to humanity, in its twisted consciousness, it does not seem enough.

However, yes, effort is made! A lot! Dedications…, services!,...

The manifestation, the Celeste imprint, is to serve!... Not to demand.

Hence the beings that palpitate around this memory of today, in their dedication, in their participation, in their discovery of what they have been served!, discover what each prayer has given them; discover how they have been transformed. And, thus, become integrators of that service; representatives, equivalents, testimonies that this unusual befall… converts! Converts the one who is available. It converts, yes. It converts him into a testimony. Into a testimony of creativity, solvency, magic... Lover of the invisible. Lover of the invisible Creator; of the Mystery. That it will not stay there, in an idea, but that it will be translated into a help, a collaboration, a creativity, a piece of food, a brick, a floor, a caress, a verse, into a kiss...

The being becomes the simile of a waterfall that, tireless, insatiable!, pours its flow of water of life on all beings, in a fresh, strong, determined way!

Yes! It already knows that some people preferred it warm, or wanted it frozen, or wanted it just to "want it"; to "own it." But the waterfall identifies with its mysterious origin. It does not obey tastes! It is not subject to criticism. It is not subject to habits. Its jump is towards nourishing. Its leap is towards creating!...

And so it spreads all its nature, progressively reaching different places; doing, from living, something converted... as for verse, as for strophe, as for mutation; leaving behind the out-dated omnipotent man, commander, violent!...: he who wants, and accumulates, and repeats and repeats tirelessly the same mistakes. That advocates until his own disappearance.

It is not... it is not the flow of the waterfall, of that nature. That is why he who drinks from it converts. And when you convert you become jump, you become water. And it is poured in other ways. You make... in other ways. It is expressed in other words.

The one who has drunk from that Celestial waterfall will not forget that drink.

Then -oh!- subjected to time and habits, it will run away, protest, criticize and reject its conversion.

Not one iota of that waterfall will change its feeling, due to these, those or others... disagree, provoke.

The genuine version of Creation is not subject to human judgment. The rains may cease, a perverse climate may come, parapets may be put on, so that Celestial spring Water does not fall, but this will remain indifferent!, with its freshness, with its fragrance, with its luminous vapour, with its ancestry over the beings.

So, because of those fragrances, it is, it was presented!, it continues!!... TIAN.

The Prayer Sense is its guarantee.

There is no human interest. There is no profit manipulation.

Everything that may seem like profit or benefit is only a disturbance of the observer, eager to believe in himself, in fear of believing in the Mystery.


Fear is not the leap towards conversion. No. An unsuspected breath picks you up. It receives you... a floor that you had not stepped on. It welcomes you without profit. And it shows you, as if it “always” were, what you had dreamed and it seemed impossible.

Fear is diluted when you feel the breath and the shadow of the Creator Mystery. That is expressed incredibly different and different in each manifestation! Every moment becomes different, in order to promote the being to its differentiation; to make a different testimony. It seems that it has no place in this world! It seems that this is not the world to... clarify and take avail other memories. It seems that this new world has no place in the old world!

Probably -the Praying Sense exclaims-, doing -taking into account time- an exceptional day of living memory present, in this ‘calendar’ of memories, that takes us to the New World: to that spine of the mainland, of the planet; to that discovery!... where the discoverers enraged with it. They became insolent. They razed! They punished.

It was too beautiful, too beautiful!... for that greedy, hungry, unequal world.

On another level –yes-, this New World, TIAN, is also present. But it does not pretend to conquer. Its intention is to win the love. To claim and call the attention of the human proceed!.... towards the origin of the Eternal. And to be seen and contemplated as the hand of... the Creator Mystery.

Thanks to its soft breath of Love, he made us, present to life.

The Mystery was, undoubtedly, eternally there.

But, from its infinite... -unapproachable in our mind- Love...

Because only that word links us to what can be creator. And that leaves us with our little creative ability: that, if at all we pay attention, it is what drives us to continue… it is what makes us to get up when we fall; It is the one that soothes us, protects us, whispers from the silence, to continue...



IT IS… what each one is, as sample, as a Creative trace. That makes sense, when he loves; that acquires its healing dimension, when he loves; who truly becomes a disciple, of the Mystery, when he loves.

And that makes you BE... without time or space limits!

Hence, in this conversion there are no insuperable obstacles; there are no insurmountable difficulties. That is part of the possessive, dominating and hedonistic mind of the being. When we are under the reference of the Divine, there are no impediments. And if they appear, they are due to scarce belief of the being about its own nature. The scarce belief that the being has about its own resources!

And if he does not believe, as heir to an Eternal Love, any action will be difficult!, impossible!... And he will fall into the dogma of "the good" and "the bad." And today he will judge this, and tomorrow he will judge the other. And after, he will become tolerant! He will not want to know anything about rigor! He will want to do his own will. He will cling to free will and comfort and to his wish!, disregarding everything they serve him, everything that is shown to him.

A new dawn, which is simultaneous to a new dusk... That does not remain in an achievement or a triumph, but becomes an enjoyment; becomes a permanent solution.

One IS… permanent solution, for the continued presence of the Creator Breath.

And as necessary yearning, to express that belief... to believe!... that I am continually created and recreated.




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